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Learning outcomes:

Overall Course Objectives

  • Understand principles essential for the understanding the economic problem, specific economic issues, and policy alternatives
  • Learn about the evolution of the real estate market in Malta and its economic impact on the Maltese economy
  • Describe the different categories and types of properties in Malta
  • Achieve fundamental knowledge of laws and regulations governing real estate in Malta and advise clients accordingly
  • Gather comprehensive knowledge of the obligations of the Real Estate Agent as a subject person arising out of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act
  • Obtain basic knowledge on the sources of finance available to clients and procedures related thereto
  • Achieve knowledge of the Data Protection Act and its implications when recording customer data and processing identification documents
  • Apply fundamental economic principles in practical reasoning and decision making
  • Recommend investments based on sound financial investment
  • appraisal techniques and calculations
  • Interpret structural construction drawings, notes, schedules, specifications and details
  • Advice clients on basic return on investment and taxation impact assessments on relevant property transfers
  • Coordinate efficiently notarial matters and meetings such as for promise of sales and property transfer contracts
  • Escalate money laundering suspicious transactions reports in a proper manner, and using a risk-based approach to customers and transactions
  • Research, analyse and synthesise data, markets and trends to produce a valuation report of different types of properties
  • Managing property negotiations and close sales efficiently
  • Describe the function of government institutions governing and regulating real estate in Malta
  • Matching client’s accurate needs with the corresponding ideal properties on the market
  • Consulting clients on how to present their property on the market
  • Liaising and communicating effectively with architects, notaries and other related professionals within the real estate sector
  • Provide professional customer service before, during and after a transaction.

This is a new course that opens up new

career opportunities in the ever

vibrant real estate sector

Real Estate Agent Award - MQF Level 5

This course is intended for any individual wanting to become a professional real estate agent and obtain the applicable license to act as such, as proposed in the White Paper entitled “Malta’s Property Code and Regulations”.

Participants within this group will be provided with the basic professional knowledge and competencies to provide a professional service to the parties involved in a real estate transaction specifically in the area of sales, letting, buying, leasing and auctions. Learners will be made aware of the evolution of the real estate sector in Malta. The different types of property categories in Malta will be explained and distinguished. Learners are given the opportunity to acquire a sound knowledge of the real estate regulation in Malta. By the end of the course, the participants would have acquired appropriate skills related to the fundamental roles of an estate agency and the real estate agent.

In addition, learners will be able to:

·         Know the fundamental vocabulary within the real estate arena.

·         Know the principles and concepts of modern real estate practice, including agency relationships, brokerage, forms of ownership, legal interests in real estate, title records, property management, land-use controls, fair housing issues, environmental issues, and other critical issues affecting modern and local real estate.

·         Be able to communicate in terms of the functions of relevant Government Departments and Authorities such as Lands Department, Malta Tourism Authority, ERA, Housing Authority, Building Regulation Department etc.


Lessons as part of the contact hours will include interactive methods such as discussions and presentations and are held once weekly. Each lesson is 2 hours long. There will be 36 contact hours in total. In addition students are expected to complete 20 hours of work experience. These practical sessions with supervised placement and practice hours will determine how participants will apply in practice what has been learnt.

Presently the course is being held online.

This course is accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education at MQF Level 5 

Fee for the course is of Euro 800. The payment is made as follows: Euro 400  non-refundable deposit on application and the balance on the first lesson. If you prefer to pay by instalments you can opt to do so at a charge of Euro 50. In such a case on the first lesson you pay Euro 200 (course fee) and Euro 50 instalment agreement charge.

Applications will be received on a first come first served basis. Telephone bookings are not accepted. To book please come to our office and bring with you an ID card, CV, a copy of your certificates, and a deposit of Euro 400. You can also download the application and send these documents by post.

Clara Grixti LLB - Clara teaches legal aspects

Topics covered:

1.      Introduction to Real Estate in Malta

2.      Principles of Economics

3.      Notarial and Tax Matters in Real Estate

4.      Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing

5.      Real Estate Sales and Negotiation Skills

6.      Valuation Techniques and Property Analysis

7.      Rental and Buy to Let Real Estate Market

8.      Fundamentals of Financial Management

9.      Data Protection in Real Estate Business

Each module is 1 ECTS credit: total course credit value is 9 ECTS credits 

Method of assessment is an assignment on each module.