Certificate Course in Public Speaking

Training Scope

The overall aim of this training program is to enhance the art of confidence and competence in addressing an audience. Participants are expected to improve their communication effectiveness in making presentations to groups, in addressing meetings, conducting one-to-one interactions and taking part in T.V. and radio programs. 

Training Objectives

The primary course objectives of this training program are as follows:

  • Structuring and planning persuasive presentations whilst maintaining flexibility
  • Encouraging audience intervention
  • Relaxing and overcoming nervous tension
  • Using audio-visual material, including the development of complimentary literature
  • Dealing with questions and defusing hostile situations
  • Using different voice tonalities, pitch and frequency
  • Facing a television and/or radio interview
  • Obtaining confidence in front of a broadcasting camera and radio microphone
  • Using body language to effectively animate the presentation
  • Consolidating selling techniques by the power of the word of mouth
  • Using one’s own personality to the best effect

Training Benefits

This program is expected to:

  • Teach participants how to make powerful presentations to persuade, win support and sell the organisation's products and services range (persuasive selling)
  • Enable participants to develop the presentation skills necessary to enhance their professional image
  • Give them tools to guarantee ongoing improvement in their public speaking technique, including facilitating and handling questions and answers
  • Be more conversant when addressing audiences on TV and/or radio
  • Control tension and enhance confidence in public speaking

Target Audience

This course is targeted to a maximum of 10 participants. Through this training program, Future Focus is seeking to further deepen and widen the skills already acquired by participants not necessarily through any form of training. 

Learning Method and Venue

It is expected that the course shall include both theoretical and practical sessions, i.e. participants are expected to undergo simulation exercises (such as using video cameras and role plays) to practice the skills learnt in class. 
Venue: Future Focus – 8, Triq L-Imhazen, Floriana 

Training Period and Duration

Courses are held on a full time basis or on a part time basis or by distance learning. Ask for details. 

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course but students are expected to have a good working knowledge of English.