Tax Credit Scheme

The course is intended to prepare learners to work with children as a Learning Support Assistant in a classroom situation. The qualifications provide the theoretical knowledge and understanding of child development and education and in addition to this the learner will at the end of the course have the needed skills to be able to act as a support LSA, this is necessary for working with children in a variety of job roles and settings and will enable learners to apply this knowledge in practical environments. 

The qualifications aim to allow learners to: 

  • Develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of child development, education,
  • Health and safety of children and the value of play
  • Develop their professional skills and vocationally appropriate competence
  • Implement, evaluate and reflect on professional practice
  • Develop understanding of inclusive practice and value diversity

In addition to this the learner will be introduced to a number of additional modules on an in depth basis which will broaden and deepen their knowledge within the Childcare industry, these include in depth modules on the psychology of learning, supporting children with special needs and how to deal with numeracy and literacy. 

This course when completed will ensure that the learners will have acquired the responsibility and autonomy to complete a wide series of tasks. 

Lessons are held once weekly. Each lesson is 3 hours long. Students are expected to complete 180 hours of work experience in a school.

Entry requirements

You would need to be in possession of the Supply LSE course (10 week course) plus O levels or equivalent in Maths, English and Maltese. Persons not in possession of the O levels can sit for a proficiency test in the respective subject. 

Topics covered and ECVET credits


1. Advanced introduction to Child and Adolescent Development Number of ECTS : 2
2. Introduction to Psychology of Learning Number of ECTS : 2 
3. Intra/Inter Personal Skills in the Classroom Number of ECTS : 2
4. Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom Number of ECTS : 2
5. Introduction to Literacy in the Classroom Number of ECTS : 2
6. Introduction to Numeracy to the Classroom Number of ECTS : 2
7. Supporting Children with Communication Difficulties Number of ECTS : 2
8. Supporting Students with SEBDs Number of ECTS : 2
9. Formulation and implementation of IEPs Number of ECTS : 2
10. Principles of Inclusive Education in the Community Number of ECTS: 1
11. First Aid Course Number of ECTS : 2
12. Practical Placement & Learner’s Portfolio ECTS: 7
13. Mid-Course and Final Examination Number of ECTS : 2 

Total number of credits: 30 credits

Fee for the course: Euro 980.   
The payment is made as follows: Euro 400 (non-refundable) on application and the balance on the first lesson. If you prefer to pay by instalments you can opt to do so at a charge of Euro 50. In such a case on the first lesson you pay Euro 200 (course fee) and Euro 50 instalment agreement charge.

Further details can be obtained from Future Focus, 8 Triq L-Imhazen Floriana 21 225884/ 21 221371 

This course is accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education 

Applications will be received on a first come first served basis.  

Telephone bookings are not accepted.

To book please come to our office and bring with you an ID card, the Supply LSE certificate (10 week course) and a non-refundable deposit of Euro 400. You can also download the application and send these documents in my post.

The next course will start soon. Registrations are open. 

Certificate in the Practice of Inclusive Education in the classroom Level 1 course MQF Level 5  (formerly called 20 week course)