Tax Credit Scheme

The following are the units covered together with the credits for each unit

1. Intra/Interpersonal Skills in the Inclusive Classroom (Number of ECTS: 2)
2. Child and Adolescent Development with emphasis on difference in disability (Number of ECTS:2) 
3. Psychology of Learning for children with disabilities (Number of ECTSs:3) 
4. Addressing Diverse Needs (Number of ECTS: 2) 
5. Challenges of Literacy in the Classroom (Number of ECTS: 3) 
6. Challenges of Numeracy in the Classroom (Number of ECTS: 3) 
7. ICT in the inclusive classroom (Number of ECTS: 1) 
8. Supporting Students with Intellectual Impairment (Number of ECTS: 1) 
9. Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities (Number of ECTS: 1)
10. Supporting Students with Challenging Behaviour (Number of ECTS: 1) 
11. Supporting Students with Multiple Disabilities (Number of ECTS: 1) 
12. Supporting Students with Physical Impairment Number of ECTS: 1) 
13. Supporting Students with Visual Impairment (Number of ECTS: 1)
14. Writing and Implementation of IEPs (Number of ECTS: 2)
15. Learners’ Portfolio (Number of ECTS: 2)
16. First Aid Course (Number of ECTS: 2)
17. Practical Placement and Final Examination (Number of ECTS: 5)

Courses that help you advance in your career as a Learning Support Assistant. These courses are suitable for all those working in State, Church or Independent Schools

Certificate in the Practice of Inclusive Education in the classroom level 2 (k/a 30 week course)

The next course is starting soon. Applications are open. Classes will be held once weekly from 17.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs or on Saturday from 9.00 hrs to 12.00 hrs.

Course fee Euro 1280 of which Euro 400 are paid as a non-refundable deposit and the rest on the first day unless a payment by installments agreement is signed. A charge of Euro 50 will apply if you opt to pay in installments.

Entry requirements

To book you will need an ID card or other means of identification.

You will also need to present a copy of your LSE 1 certificate (20 week course certificate).

The course must be completed within 12 months from commencement.

If you have completed your 20 week course elsewhere please also provide a valid first aid certificate including pediatrics at application stage.