Students attend internship programmes in various subjects under our Malta Interns Programme 

International Hairdresser Erasmus + project

The project which is led by a Romanian partner includes partners from Spain, Portugal, Norway, Greece and Malta.

The second project meeting was held in Malta in May 2019. The next meeting will be held in Portugal in September, During the meeting, the delegates had the opportunity to visit a number of salons and meet with teachers working in this sector. They also spoke to a number of students.

A guide with contributions from each country is presently being drawn up. 

This project is about creating a multi lingual dictionary to help migrants following courses in different European countries. This project is led by CPIA Avellino and has partners from Benevento Italy, Ravenna Italy, Scotland, Cyprus, Greece and of course Malta. 

Teachers from Poland attend a course in Malta under the project:


Our School of English is now offering teacher training programmes in CLIL

For details:

Manufacture of a Kart using alternative energy

The first Erasmus + project meeting in Valdepanas Spain