Launch of new course in Understanding mental health November 2017

With the increase in mental health cases the need for trained personnel is on the rise. Future Focus Ltd. (2006-TC-001) as a Further and Higher Education Institution has teamed up with CACHE to offer a new course in mental health care. Future Focus is offering this qualification for learners who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of mental health and mental well-being. This could include those who already work in mental health services and want to progress within their career and, those interested in starting a new career working as mental health workers, counsellors, mental health nurses and other careers in mental health. This qualification is suitable for learners aged 16 or above.The Understanding Mental Health course is recognized at MQF level 4 by NCFHE and does not include exams but is based on assignments. It is held once weekly and is split into five manageable units covering amongst other topics, the study of mental health problems and associated issues and consequences. Students will be guided on how to promote mental health and wellbeing. Upon successful completion of this qualification learners will be able to progress into relevant employment within the health and social care sector.

Attendance at conference organized by NCFHE November 2017

Framework in the Light of the New Skills Agenda for Europe’.

This national colloquium hosted by the NCFHE highlighted the importance of having programs that are relevant for life skills and working skills. The National Qualifications Framework is not only for academics and, for this reason, it is constantly being updated to adapt to the changing needs of the real world. The colloquium centred on the review of the Key Competences Framework, explaining the consultation process that will be analysed and used by the Commission for the revision of this framework for the benefit of EU member states. This will translate into programs that are relevant for the work process – the aim is to move towards the integration of the two. As key competences are influenced by everyday changing needs and requirements, Future Focus Ltd seeks to keep abreast with these updates in order to be in a position to deliver adequate knowledge, skills and abilities. Through this, we strive to expand opportunities, guarantee higher employment rates and add to personal fulfilment.