Course induction sessions

When do course inductions take place?

Course induction takes place on the first day of the programme. Attending your course induction is extremely important. Taking part will help you understand how you are expected to study, help you focus on what's interesting about your subject and gives you opportunities to make friends on your course. 

If you are unable to attend, make sure that you contact Future Focus to let us know.

What happens during the course induction?

This varies a lot depending on the nature of the course, but there are some common threads:

Introductory lectures in which key staff from your course will introduce themselves and explain a little about what your studies will be like.
You will hear about Future Focus, its history and what services it presently offers. You will hear some important facts about the building itself which has an interesting history.

If the course is accredited by a foreign institution, you will hear some information about the institution. 
You’ll hear about services and opportunities available to you.
There will be opportunities for you to get to know your fellow students such as ice breakers, small group work and social events.
You will also get information about the administrative aspects of the course including assessments, work placements, questions about the course and so on.

Information is given about Future Focus policies and procedures including your right to make a complaint and rights of appeal.  

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered by the right people.   

Training helps you stand out in the crowd