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Future Focus is committed to providing world class training. It is one of the leading private training organizations in the Mediterranean offering students from all over the world the facilities to acquire skills and knowledge that are relevant to today’s changing business and working environments.

Located in a prestigious building brimming with history, Future Focus provides students with a vast range of courses to choose from. Constantly adding to its long list of subjects, Future Focus invests heavily in research and innovation to ensure that programmes are modern, well researched, trainers well prepared and course material is of high quality.

Future Focus is committed to providing you with the experience that you deserve so that you and your friends keep coming back. Not only are we focusing on the training and education needs of our students but we also take care of their social needs. For our overseas students there are many excursions to choose from plus all the evening activities such as typical Maltese evenings and pasta nights that we organize. We are so happy to see many of our students keeping contact with each other years after their meeting in Future Focus. We also wonder how much business goes on among our students who come from so many different sectors such as business management, sales, hospitality, manufacturing and many other areas! Whether you are a school leaver looking to make your first steps into your chosen career, an experienced manager seeking to update your knowledge and skills, a private or public sector organisation, an SME or a multinational company, we provide a wide range of programmes, research, consultancy and knowledge transfer services to assist in your development. We look forward to welcoming you to Future Focus!

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